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"Helping Communities, Once Cup At A Tme..."


"Helping Communities, One Cup At A Time..."

People Love Our Handmade Lemonade!

What Is A Lemon Shake Up?

Have you ever been to a county fair or festival and had that "special" lemonade that tastes amazing!?  You know the one, that always has the sugar at the bottom so you find yourself sucking on the ice chips after the drink is all gone?  You might have heard them called Lemon Shakers or Lemon Shake-Ups.  It was probably the best tasting lemonade you ever had and you find yourself looking for it every time you go to the fair.  Unfortunately, that Lemon Shake-Up was most likely made with 1/2 a lemon that was squeezed by hand, placed into a 12 or 16 oz cup, and cost you $4 - $6.  Even worse, it may have come from a syrup concentrate dispensed out of a cooler, and they just called it a "lemon shake-up" when no shaking actually occurred.  

How Are We Different?

Now imagine yourself walking up to another booth and getting a drink that uses:

  • 1 Whole, Fresh, Premium Choice Lemon
  • Premium Quality Granulated Sugar

Instead of "squeezing 1/2 a lemon by hand, the whole lemon is SMASHED using a Custom Built, Air-Powered, Pneumatic Ram to obliterate that lemon with 250 pounds of downward pressure!  In addition, the Custom Shark Tooth Smashing Head Zests the lemon, ensuring you get ALL of the Real Lemon Flavor that is humanly possible!

Now add:
  • Fresh, Clean Ice
  • Fresh, Clean, Filtered Water
  • Premium Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, or keep it Original

The lid is screwed on and the magic begins!  This amazing concoction is shaken until all of the sugary-lemon paste dissolves and then your creation is poured into a:

This is an Izzy's Lemon Aid Lemon Shake-Up.  Watch the video below to see how it's done!